Syracuse Resident Stays In Italy Despite Coronavirus Risk Syracuse Resident Stays In Italy

Alice Licinio believes that traveling carries its own risks.

Monza, Italy  (NCC News) — Although many U.S. residents living in Italy returned to the States following the spread of COVID-19 throughout the country, Alice Licinio,  Syracuse,  has no interest in returning home. She said she believed that flying carried its own risks.

“If you think about it from my point of view… I  would be going into an enclosed space that has a lot of people where I don’t know where they’ve been,” said Licinio.

Licinio is temporarily staying in the city of Monza,  17 miles away from Milan. At the time of the interview, she knew of  four confirmed cases of COVID-19. However, the number of cases has since increased to 19.

Licinio is an international student studying medicine in Milan. All of her classes were moved online with video lectures,  as part of the wider shutdown of schools across Italy.

Supermarket in Monza
Some of the shelves in this Italian supermarket are empty, but many are well-stocked.
© 2020 Alice Licinio

Although the residents of both Milan and Monza reacted strongly to the news of the outbreak at first, conditions were beginning to improve, according to Licinio.

“There’s not a lot of mass hysteria, not anymore, ” Licinio said.  “Stocks are back, in terms of supermarkets, and the only thing we’re lacking really is hand sanitizer.”

The Centers for Disease Control issued a Level 3 travel warning for persons traveling to Italy and strongly discouraged all unnecessary travel to and from the country.

Editor’s note:  Alice Licinio is the sister of the writer.


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