Syracuse ReZone Plan Passes Syracuse ReZone Plan Passes

SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC News) — The Syracuse ReZone Plan passed unanimously by the Common Council today. At the meeting a lot of the counselors expressed how important it was the ReZone gets passed because of the impact it can have on housing.

Councilor Patrick Hogan at the meeting said with Micron coming to Central New York it was important the ReZone get passed because more and more people would come to Central New York, which would mean more of a need of housing.

“We have 4,000-5,000 housing vulnerable people in the city right now but with the advent of Micron and the ancillary companies that come in following Micron we’re expecting 50- to 60,000 more residents.”

Another way the rezoning plan will affect Syracuse is with growing businesses. Hogan expects it will be easier to navigate through the city for growing businesses.

“We’ve had parking requirements for business which is very onerous,” said Hogan. “And it’s not exactly fitting for urban lifestyle for small businesses of the world or big businesses of the world. We’re going to have a walkable, accessible city.”

While some councilors are happy about the decision of the ReZone plan getting passed, there are some residents who aren’t happy about it — especially residents who live near Lafayette Street who are concerned about their homes being torn down.

Mayor Ben Walsh was asked about those residents and he said plans in the rezoning document can change.

“We don’t want to do it haphazardly, but we want to do it thoughtfully, and if we didn’t get certain things right we want to go through the appropriate process, do the right due diligence, engage with the community, and make changes where they’re needed,” Walsh said.

The ReZone Plan is set to take effect July 1.


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