Syracuse Theatres Give Restaurants a Boost in Customers Syracuse Theatres Give Restaurants a Boost in Customers

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Syracuse area has more than just tricks and treats in store for it this October. Restaurants are seeing increases in sales with the Landmark Theatre and Syracuse Stage’s musicals and plays in-person after over a year.  

Restaurant owner Alex Gonalez said these shows are bringing in more customers on the weekends. 

“On the weekends, everything adds up with everything going on with concerts and shows and the students coming down,” Gonzalez said. “It helps us a lot.”

Gonzalez owns Margarita’s Mexican Cantina in downtown Syracuse. He said the activities in the area help bring new business and better sales. 

“You get single people that come in and get a drink, you get couples, you get families with kids,” Gonzalez said.

Pastabilities manager Ryland Heagerty said they have been lucky and been able to maintain business as usual.

“The past couple of weeks we’ve had to hire more people,” Heagerty said. “Some of us have had to work overtime, but mostly just management. We have been trying to keep our staff healthy and well-rested.”

With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory performing at the Landmark Theatre and Eureka Day at Syracuse Stage, there are many times audience members will have to go out to these restaurants. 

Heagerty said people seem happy to be out of the house and back attending theatre shows.

“[There’s] just a general feeling of joyousness in the air,” Heagerty said. “We have been seeing a lot of people that are newly traveling and are just excited to be in town. Just a lot of good energy.”

Businesses like Pastabilities are thrilled theatres are open again for the mutually beneficial relationship. 

“We’re super excited that the Landmark is back open, and that just makes downtown feel whole again,” Heagerty said. “[The Landmark] is so much a part of the fabric of this city. It’s just really awesome to see more people on the streets, and [it] just feels really vibrant to have them back in the mix again.”

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