Tackling Homelessness in Syracuse as Summer Approaches Tackling Homelessness in Syracuse As Summer Approaches

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Petit Library is not just a beacon for books, but a place where readers are met with unsettling yet truthful artwork. The current exhibit, “Homelessness in America,” highlights a critical issue both nationwide and locally in Syracuse.

Hannah Bewsher, a representative from the library, said this kind of exhibit is significant.

“Exhibits concerning homelessness and the art as well are important because as public libraries we serve the entire community, and that is in large part to unhoused people in our city,” Bewsher said.

The number of unhoused individuals in Syracuse has increased each year. However, hubs like the Samaritan Center provide vital support to people like Jonathan Cage, who relies on their assistance three to four times a week.

“Sometimes I don’t have the funds to eat, and throughout the day it helps me stand through breakfast and dinner,” Cage said.

Cage’s situation changed drastically after losing his job.

“I was working at the Skyline and I had got unemployed…and I’m homeless,” Cage said.

Organizations like In My Father’s Kitchen are essential in aiding individuals experiencing homelessness due to these and other reasons. John Tumino, a representative from the organization, says they have a specific approach to help.

“We start out with bringing out food and clothing and supplies. We help them navigate to housing…we get them connected to the Department of Social Services to make sure they’re under SNAP benefits,” Tumino said.

With continued support from these organizations, advocates hope that the number of homeless individuals in Syracuse might decrease this season. The combined efforts of community centers, libraries, and outreach programs aim to provide immediate relief and long-term solutions for those in need.

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