The Dome Is Maskless Carrier Dome is Maskless

The Carrier Dome has announced the removal of masks at the Dome

CHRIS BUERLE: The Carrier Dome has announced this week that they are removing mask mandates for all vaccinated individuals who attend. This coming before New York State dropping several safety protocols today including schools and businesses. However, the mask mandate is also coming after both football and basketball seasons come to an end. Season ticket holder Ryan DiDomencio thinks that this increase ticket sales and allow fans to feel more involved in the experience.

RYAN DIDOMENICO: You know by removing or whatever, more people are going to want to go to the Dome to participate in the events.

CHRIS BUERLE: An employee at the Dome, who wanted to remain anonymous says it was more for the safety rather than filling the stadium.

DOME EMPLOYEE: You know I think it is partly about wanting the safety of the fans.

CHRIS BUERLE: Events like Paul McCartney and Monster Jam will be performing at the Dome during this year. Chris Buerle… NCC News

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – The Carrier Dome has announced it will be removing all of the mask mandates for fans who attend the carrier dome whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated. The decision follows New York State’s move to start eliminating mask mandates and comes just days after the Syracuse Men’s Basketball team finished its last home game in the arena.

The timing is interesting, according to one fan,  considering the basketball games and other sporting events at the Dome provide key income for the famous arena. With new non-sporting events scheduled at the Dome,  local residents are talking about the change.

During sporting events  last year and this year during the pandemic, the eventual removal of the mask mandate has been on the minds of many fans, especially Ryan DiDomenico, a season ticket holder for football and basketball games.

“You know by removing the masks or whatever, more people are going to want to go to the Dome to participate,” said DiDomenico.

DiDomenico thinks that with upcoming events, such as musician Paul McCartney scheduled to perform at the dome during the summer, more fans will buy tickets because of the mask policy change.  However, the premier events seem to draw a crowd no matter what the mask status. Several weeks ago the dome reached its maximum capacity  at almost 32,000 fans when the Orange took on the Duke Blue Devils in a classic ACC men’s basketball battle. The game was Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski’s last game at the Carrier Dome.

A staff member who works at the Dome,  and who wanted to remain anonymous, thinks that the masking policy change came at the right time.

“You know I think it is partly about wanting the safety of the fans.”


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