The Journey of an InclusiveU Basketball Manager The Journey of an InclusiveU Basketball Manager

For Harry Dydo, being the SU men’s basketball manager is more than just passing out towels and water bottles. Dydo is a much needed moral boost on the Syracuse sidelines, constantly cheering on Jim Boeheim and squad.

“I think with Harry what you see is what you get,” Marino Rubio, a friend of Dydo’s, said. “Just the bubbly personality. He’s very friendly, always waving to people on campus.”

Dydo’s infectious smile is hard to miss at ‘Cuse games. He’s constantly joking around and laughing with teammates, whom he now calls friends.

“They’re awesome,” Dydo said. “Oshae (Brissett) is my man and he’s awesome.”

Dydo is in his second year as a ‘Cuse manager. But, it’s been quite the journey for Dydo to earn a spot on the SU sidelines. The junior was born with down syndrome and is a part of a program called InclusiveU, which supports students with disabilities at SU.

“I think just inclusiveU as a program is really great,” said Marino. “It gives students like Harry such a great opportunity to be involved in the campus and in programs like SU basketball.”

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Meredith Kava is a senior at Syracuse University studying Broadcast and Digital Journalism. Outside the classroom, Meredith is the news director at Z89 and a sports staff member at WAER.

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