The Potential Longevity of Virtual Therapy The Potential Longevity of Virtual Therapy

Telehealth is taking over the therapy scene, how long will it last for?

By Maya Pow SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)- Mental Health Awareness Week is this week and the topic of therapy in a pandemic is brought up in multiple events in Onondaga County. With COVID-19 came higher more mental health issues. According to Kaiser Family Foundation, during the pandemic, there was a 300% increase in adults that reported symptoms of anxiety or depression. The pandemic also increased the popularity of telehealth.

Candice Bina is a Los Angeles native that has been going to therapy since she was ten years old. It’s always been a large part of her life so when the pandemic hit and everything went remote, she was sure that she wanted to continue going. While she’s grateful that she has the privilege to continue going during the pandemic, she longs for the day she can go back in person.

“Virtual therapy is definitely convenient in some ways because I can just sit from home and I don’t really have to worry about going somewhere but also like I have ADHD so it is really difficult for me to stay focused,” said Bina.

Telehealth may not be the most effective form of therapy but Professor Kenneth Marfilius says it is here to stay. He says its ability to connect people from different parts of the state and allow people to stay in the comfort of their home encourages its longevity.

Discussing therapy aside, finding resources to help others during Mental Health Awareness Week is important too. Onondaga County offers many mental health resources including counseling centers, treatment services and community health centers; more information can be found on the Mental Health Resource Directory.

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