This Tire Shop Says Now Is The Time to Get Snow Tires This Tire Shop Says Now Is The Time to Get Snow Tires

SYRACUSE,  N.Y.  (NCC News) Right now, tire shops are encouraging Syracuse residents to get snow tires. They said it is better to prepare sooner rather than later.

So why is it important to get them now, even though there is no snow?

Well, the The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles said there does not have to be snow on the roads for Syracuse residents to get their snow tires.

The DMV said beginning October 16 through April 30,  New York drivers are allowed to install snow tires with metal studs.

The owner-operator of Greeley’s Auto and Tire shop Derek Greeley said drivers need to prepare for the winter weather before the first snow fall.

“Snow tires on vehicles are important because it makes your vehicle more capable of handling the severe weather conditions that central New York offers,” Greeley said.

Greeley said it does not take long to get your tires changed. He said at his shop it takes about an hour.

Greeley said there are two types of snow tires. He said there is a directional design and an asymmetrical design.

Greeley said the directional tire design gives cars the best traction.

He said the asymmetrical tire design has an equal tread pattern on both sides that allow your tires to rotate equally around the vehicle.

Eileen Strodel a Syracuse Native said she drives an SUV.

She said even with four-wheel drive, she feels a major difference driving in the snow when her snow tires are on.

“I would highly recommend having snow tires on your car even if you have an SUV that maybe doesn’t have all-wheel drive,” Strodel said.

Strodel said snow tires help prevent car accidents.

She said the traction from the tires keeps the driver from slipping and sliding in the snow.

For more information on snow tires, visit or contact Greeley’s Auto and Tire Inc.

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