Unusual Spring Weather Causes Issues for CNY Farmers Unusual Spring Weather Causes Issues for CNY Farmers

SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC News) — Tuesday kicked off the 51st season of the Downtown Farmers Market in Syracuse.

The weekly market in Clinton Square has its share of city-favorite vendors as well as some new features. Downtown Committee of Syracuse Communications Associate Vanessa Szwejbka said that one new addition to the market this year is a mobile market from the CNY Regional Market.

“They’re going to be here to provide meats and cheeses which is great,” said Szwejbka. “By having them we have that full circle aspect. You can shop here and get everything you need for a meal.”

Additionally, the market will have a “VIP Corner” where a new vendor is highlighted each week. Szwejbka said this will allow people to learn more about the people they’re buying from, including some of their history and origin.

One vendor that has been selling produce and flowers at the market for a long time is Otis Vezzose. Vezzose said he loves helping people learn about the products he is selling and finding which products best fit their needs. However, Vezzose says he hopes that more people come to the Downtown Farmers Market this year as last year’s attendance seemed lower.

“I think they’re buying more stuff online,” said Vezzose. “I hope we get some people out here. A lot of people have been working from home.”

Vezzose said this has affected the market since when people from nearby businesses, like Niagara Mohawk, had most of their employees working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, there was far less foot traffic through the market.

Unusual spring weather has also affected produce and flower growth. Central New York has had a drought over the past three weeks, which has made it hard to keep crops and flowers hydrated. Additionally, unexpected late cold weather also led farmers to lose certain crops.

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