Van Duyn School Hopes To Receive 515 Donated Pajamas Van Duyn Hopes To Receive Around 515 Donated Pajamas

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Van Duyn is hoping to receive around 515 pajamas to provide them for their students as well as others at Oasis Academy, their sister school. The drive officially kicked off over the weekend and they’re asking for any pajamas from a size 4T to adult sizes.

This drive is bring run by four general education teachers who belong to a committee, the Positive Behavior Intervention Committee.  Its mission is to encourage, highlight and celebrate positive behavior and community. Fourth-grade teacher, Thienan Huynh-Boyle, is one of those four. Huynh-Boyle said this serves as an alternative way to support their students.

“Every year we run a different celebration for our kids, so last year it was blankets since most of our kids were remote at home last year; a blanket and a cocoa drive was the perfect way to encompass and surround our kids with love outside of the building,” Huynh-Boyle said. “Now that they’re back we wanted to do something that’s cozy and warm that’s going to bundle them up and make them feel even more loved being back into our school world…  I mean who does not love opening a new pair of pajamas for the holidays.”

Besides providing a service for their own students, Van Duyn is sending pajamas to students at Oasis Academy as well. The inspiration came from a wide response from last year’s blanket drive where they realized they can also share the love and support. Through the relationship of Van Duyn principal Eva Williams and Oasis’ former principal, it was perfect to serve the students at both schools, vice principal Reba Hodge explained. Hodge said this is important as even a young student can make an impact.

“It’s a way to remember how collectively people can make a change… it reminds us of the importance of schools belonging to the communities that they are in, but also understanding how communities have shifted and broadened,” said Hodge.

The last day to donate pajamas to the school is Dec 15. You can either drop them off, arrange for them to be picked up or even send money electronically where the teachers from the committee will use it to buy pajamas.

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