Vineyard Church and Its Vision to Show Love to the Syracuse Area Vineyard Church and Its Vision to Show Love to the Syracuse Area


SYRACUSE, N.Y. – September 22nd’s Westcott Street Fair was a great way to experience the culture found in Syracuse. 

Vineyard Church used the fair as an opportunity to gain more visibility in the community. 

Vineyard is an international collection of over 2,500 churches. 

The Syracuse area is home to five of those locations. 

Longtime church member Daniel Dwyer says religious members of the community should give local churches a chance.

“ Is it gonna kill you to go to a church for an hour? Is that gonna kill you? No, it’s not. You know, hey, if it doesn’t work out, there’s a lot of good churches out there,” Dwyer said. 

To attract people to their table at the fair, the members of Vineyard Church were distributing water bottles and candy bars. 

Dwyer said he knew supplies wouldn’t last long but was encouraged by the conversations they had with visitors. 

“ Just basically sharing information about the church. Not shoving it down people’s throats. Just gave them a candy bar with very good advertisements and let people know that there’s options out there,” Dwyer said. 

Dwyer and his fellow church goers  told people about their background with Vineyard and why they choose to call this church home. 

I’ve been a church goer for 37 years and to tell you the truth, I have really found acceptance there and love there,” Dwyer said. 

Vineyard Church’s motto is “Come as you are… and be loved.” 

The church members want to convey that Vineyard is a place of solace. 

“ I hope it would help somebody, you know,” Dwyer said.

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