Weather Preview: June 8, 2022 Weather Preview: June 8, 2022

TOLUWA FAMUYIDE: Hey everybody I’m Toluwa Famuyide, your weather reporter for today. Today we’re expecting a high of 72 degrees. so it’s a perfect day to go out, hangout with your friends, maybe go play some sports or even walk your dog. Later tonight we are expecting temperatures to drop into the mid-50’s, so if you’re going to stay out late tonight you should probably wear a hoodie, light jacket. But I’ll have more for you coming up later on

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — NCC News weather reporter Toluwa Famuyide has the latest update on your weather today. There is a high of 72 degrees and you can expect low temperatures in the mid-50’s  later in the day.

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