Web Extra: NCC Newsbrief for September 25 Web Extra: NCC Newsbrief September 25

Andrew: This is your NCC newsbrief. I’m Andrew Noll here with some updates of your latest local stories.


Onondaga County is proposing to extend the promised loop-the-lake trail to Murphy’s Island where many bald eagles migrate to every year. This project will cost about two million dollars and it cuts through the eagles habitat.“They are going to be cutting a lot of trees to build this trail, which impacts the eagles route. And when you also build a trail and people get used to coming on it they will come on it when it’s closed.” The Department of Environment Conservation has a public hearing scheduled at the OnCenter today at six p-m.


The Syracuse Nationals basketball team got nominated for an Emmy over their OHA produced film. Today, Mayor Ben Walsh, honored the team by holding a ceremony and rocking a retro Syracuse Nationals jersey. The documentary is about the creation of the 24 second shot clock and former player Jim Tucker. Mayor Walsh announced the 25th day of September to be Jim Tucker and Syracuse Nationals day.


“I’m so grateful for Upward Bound, because honestly, if it wasn’t for them, I don’t think I would have been at this college.”

Nicole Graine, a sophomore who majors in psychology at S-U went through the upward bound program, which is a program for students to enter that helps them study and to learn on Saturday’s at Le Moyne College. This program is a way for students who are not able to get the same education as others to get work done and become a better student. Graine graduated from the program in 2018.


That is your latest news update . Check back next Wednesday for your next NCC Newsbrief.

SYRACUSE, N.Y.– Watch the video above for some of the latest local news stories from the day!

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