Web Extra: NCC Podcast, Monday, June 10 Web Extra: NCC Podcast, Monday, June 10

Jose – Good Afternoon Central New York. I’m Jose Lara reporting for NCC News. Here’s your daily dose of news for Thursday, June 10th

Jose – Community leaders and state lawmakers joined some residents today in a rally to support the legislature to break down the barriers to voting. One of the topics include restoration-voting rights for people on parole. Some people that have been on parole had things to say about the subject.

Former Prisoner– “I’ve talked to a couple of brothers that are in prison right now who just gave up and feel like when they get out in parole their voice will not be heard.”

Jose – The Paige butterfly run happened this weekend. More than 2 thousand people ran 5 kilometers with all the money being donated to pediatric cancer research and patient programs at Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital. Executive director Mary Intaglietta says people were more interested in the event this year.

Mary Intaglietta – “The enthusiasm was higher than other years, I think every year we get just a little more noticed in the community. They love our dollars stay local so that really has an impact in a lot of people.”

Jose – The New York Collegiate Baseball League helps current and incoming college students helps students showcase their talents in front of scouts. JJ Potrikus, president of the Syracuse Spartans says this league is more than just baseball.

JJ Potrikus – “Every team that is in the NYCBL is a nonprofit, so we give back to the community and we just want to create a better brand of baseball and give this kids an opportunity to play.”

Jose – That’s todays update for NCCs news. I’m Jose Lara. You can find full stories and weather on our website NCC News Online.com.

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