Web Extra: NCC Podcast, Thursday, June 6 Web Extra: NCC Podcast, June 6

Isis – Good Afternoon Central New York.. I’m Isis Young…
Daniel- And I’m Daniel Booth reporting for NCC News. Here’s your daily dose of news for Thursday, June 6th…

Isis – ACR Health is introducing a free testing method for STDs which will better detect Gonorrhea and Chlamydia… Local college students say they are in favor of the new testing…

Tyler – “Having it free and accessible, and also anonymous I think is really important as well because, confidentiality and people feeling that their business stays their business is really important.”

Daniel – Today is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day… People are gathering at Syracuse Vet center to pay their respects to the thousands of soldiers who gave their lives while storming Normandy.

William Camperlino – “I had buddies that got killed in the invasions and that was very sad. But you had to keep going under those circumstances. Just like life, sometimes we have bad circumstances but you have to keep going and hopefully come out victorious, like we did in WWII.”

Isis – Syracuse basketball fans have action coming their way this summer with Boeheim’s Army hosting The Basketball Tournament July 26th through the 28th at Onondaga Community College. Head Coach Ryan Blackwell believes this will be good for the Syracuse economy.

Ryan Blackwell – “We have a huge following. We went to Atlanta, almost all orange. We were in Brooklyn and Philadelphia we had a huge following, and I think they knew that if we brought it here it would have huge success.”

Daniel – Sunshine may be in our future this weekend for CNY. Our Ashtyn Hiron will be following weather throughout the day.

Isis – That’s todays update for NCCs news.. I’m Isis Young and I’m Daniel Booth… You can find full stories and weather on our website NCC News Online.com.

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