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Ray: I’m Ray Hernandez reporting for NCC News.

Danielle: And I’m Danielle Bulluck, here are the stories making news today, June 11

Ray: The Syracuse City Common Council is meeting today to discuss options on how to lower the deer population and eliminate ticks within the city. With summer on it’s way and more people spending time outside, ticks have become a pressing issue.

Dee Schaefer: “I went home with a tick and didn’t know about it til a week later. I already had the bullseye rash. So I went to my doctor and I tested positive for lyme disease.”

Ray: And runners should not only worry about hydration during the summer months, but their safety as well

Officer Fratino: “Try to switch up your running routine. Don’t run the same path every single day, because it gives somebody who is seeking a victim an opportunity to know when and where you are at any point in the day.”

Danielle: The New York State Legislature has proposed the legalization of prostitution, lifting the penalties on sex work. Visit our Twitter at N-C-C News Online and tell us what you think about the proposal in our latest poll

Ray: In sports, the defending world champion U-S Women’s Soccer Team begins group play today against Thailand at 3.

Danielle: And today temperatures are expected to be in the mid 60s with the sun shinning throughout the afternoon. For NCC News I’m Danielle Bulluck reporting

Ray: And I’m Ray Hernandez

Danielle: You can find full stories on our website, nccnewsonline.com

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