Web Extra: NCC Podcast, Tuesday, June 25 Web Extra: NCC Podcast, Tuesday, June 25

Good afternoon, I’m Keanu Haghighi and I’m Isis Young. Today is Tuesday, June 25th, 2019. Here is a preview of today’s top stories.


Our Naiya Brooks spoke to Election Commissioner Dustin Czarny about the reforms coming to the election process in Onondaga County.

“This is the last old fashioned election. Now we have paper poll books, no early voting… That all changes after this election.”

Erron Franklin tells us about how various international foods will be popping up in the Salt City Market.

“We see families from Congo, Buton, Pakistan… Wandering through the snows grocery shopping.. What is this… This is amazing. But I see a corresponding thing happening in the marketplace. You see restaurants showcasing these things.. Wow there’s a real gap here.”

And Kendra Sheehan is live in the studio to preview her thoughts on the US Women’s National Soccer Team.

After pulling off a 2-1 win against Spain yesterday, the United States has a date with France in the Quarterfinals of the World Cup. I’ll be talking about how the two teams match up against each other, and what the US has done right to make it this far in the tournament.

Thanks Kendra. Those are the top stories for today, we’ll have all those stories and more on NCCNews.com.

Reforms are coming to the election process in Onondaga County, international foods are popping up to promote the Salt City Market opening in 2020 and the USA Women’s National Soccer Team is playing in the quarterfinals of the World Cup on Friday.

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