What Fall and Winter Weather Conditions Look Like for CNY What Your Late-Fall and Early Winter Weather Patterns Look Like for CNY

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – Colder weather is upon us and it looks like it is here to stay in Central New York. After a significant drop in temperatures from the past week to today, fall weather will be sticking around.

The beginning of November will still be near to slightly above average temperatures, yet as we move further into the season, the northern tier of the country will experience cooler temperatures. Moving into December and into the winter, temperatures will dip slightly below average.

These conditions are typical for a developing La Niña year, where much of the southeast will experience cooler temperatures, while the northeast starts on par and gradually gets cooler further into the season. La Niña’s typical influences mean generally colder temperatures for the northern part of the United States.

There is a weak polar vortex expected this year that can affect typical La Niña conditions, meaning the vortex around the North Pole will extend its reach farther out of the Pole, bringing cooler air temperatures down. If the vortex were stronger, the reach would not be as broad, and temperatures would be milder, mimicking an El Niño year.

January is expected to dip the farthest below average temperatures, but conditions may begin to warm up early in February with slightly above average temperatures expected in the Northeastern part of the country.

One thing is for certain – it is officially the start of colder weather in Central New York.

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