Winter Olympics Inspire Future Figure Skaters Winter Olympics Inspire Future Athletes at Camillus Figure Skating Club


SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC News) – From the Winter Olympics in Bejing to Syracuse, many skaters have grown inspiration from the athletes’ performances this year.

Coach Nicole Morgan of the Camillus Figure Skating club has twenty years of skating experience and hopes many of her students not only follow her by example but the Olympics as well. 

“When the kids see the skaters on TV and they’re really selling their program and performing for the crowd, that’s probably the biggest aspect they can take away from it,” Morgan said. “Because we can teach them all the technical skills but they need the presentation to perform.”

For one student, her love for figure skating continues to grow as she invests her time between school and being on the ice.

“The older I get if it’s something constant in my life and I get better at it. I think forever it’ll be something that’s always there you know,” Ariana Gushlaw said.

Gushlaw grows a bigger appreciation when watching the Winter Olympics as she relates to the hard work put into their performances. 

“I enjoy watching the figure skaters because it’s like I be watching the videos and be like that’s why I wanna keep doing figure skating cause you see how good they got and how long they’ve been doing it,” Gushlaw said. “It’d be cool to see what you can be able to do if you tried like that.”

With the Olympic events at an end, figure skating still continues at the Camillus Figure Skating Club, where they introduce skaters of all ages to lace up their skates and get on the ice.

To sign up for lessons or see open skate hours visit here. 


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