Winter Workout Tips Winter Workout Tips

These health tips will help tip the scales in your favor this winter.

Winter can bring along with it many challenges. Snow can make for some bad driving conditions, ice can make it hard to walk up the stairs of buildings, and the cold weather lends itself to making getting out of bed harder. But one unintended consequence of winter is weight gain. But that one really isn’t your fault.

Scientists from the University of Exeter suggest that we’ve developed a subconscious impulse to eat more during winter, therefore retaining more fat.

Historically speaking, humans used to need that extra fat for survival of the harsh conditions and food scarcity that came along during the winter. Therefore, our natural instinct has developed over time for the need to eat more food in the winter and store that food.

However, that survival is no longer an issue. So, there are ways to counteract these winter pounds we seem to put on every year.

“When you’re watching your favorite TV show, get on the floor, do some push-ups, do some sit-ups, put your hands on the back of the couch and do some arm dips. Any little times during the day that you can get your body moving, that all increases that calorie burn that you really don’t think about,” says Rachel Watkins, a trainer at Powerhouse Gym.

Watkins gives the tips of drinking lots of water and snacking throughout the day instead of eating three square meals. She also suggests that if you are going to order in, which is something a lot of us do during the winter to avoid going outside, and you’re deciding what to eat, maybe go for the healthier of the options.

So if your New Year’s resolution was to be healthier this year but you don’t how, these are some good tips to get you started early in the year.


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