50th Anniversary Brings Golden Opening Day For Syracuse Downtown Farmers Market 50th Anniversary Brings Golden Opening Day For Downtown Farmers Market

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (N.C.C. News) — The Downtown Farmers Market celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a significant return to Clinton Square. More than 50 farmers and produce vendors were on hand selling items like fresh fruit, vegetables, baked goods, plants, and more.

Local Farmer Jim Maryinuk is a returning farmer to the Downtown Farmers Market and said his products, like his asparagus, had been in popular demand every year with the help of the market, which keeps him in business.

“We’re able to sell our product. We sell a quality product because we raise it ourselves, so we know what it is, and the product sells itself year after year, and we just enjoy doing it,” said Maryinuk.

His success is no surprise for the executive director of the Downtown Committee of Syracuse, Merike Treier. Treier said this is becoming a trend for those who participate because of the community the market brings.

“Most of our farmers and vendors are repeat each year. So we definitely have farmers and dealers that people have come to know and expect to be here at our farmers market, so we’re thrilled to be able to have that retention,” said Treier.

The community is what Trier said brought the Downtown Farmers Market to its 50th Anniversary, where farmers like Maryinuk can continue to sell their products.

“It’s a really long-standing tradition for our community to celebrate the 50th year and to recognize all the people and the community members that we have come together to year after year to support us,” said Trier.

The Downtown Farmers Market will be open every Tuesday during the summer months and will continue through October 11.

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