A Sticky Situation: The 2019 Post-It War A Sticky Situation: The 2019 Post-It War

Countless Post-Its, nine competing companies, but only one winner.

By Ethan Roy SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) From Syracuse University buildings, to video game depictions, to a frog catching a bagel with its tongue, the realm of possible creations with Post-It notes is nearly endless.

Such creativity was on display this past week in Syracuse. As a part of Syracuse’s Downtown Employee Appreciation Week, the second annual Post-It War was held. To participate is quite simple: design and create a piece of art entirely out of Post-It notes and hang it in a window for the public to see, and eventually vote on.

This year, nine companies submitted entries. From a small, new architecture firm to academic buildings to several hotels, the competitors came from several different corners of Downtown Syracuse business.

The Post-It Note War was created to cultivate “friendly competition” among local businesses, according to Alice Maggiore, the Communications Director for the Downtown Committee.

“They are the heartbeat of Downtown Syracuse,” said Maggiore of the employees that work in the area. “The purpose of employee appreciation week is to celebrate and give back to the people that work in downtown Syracuse.”

The Post-It War benefits these businesses twofold: not only can they collaborate on a unique creation with the chance of winning a prize, but these elaborate window designs also attract the eyes of passerby on a daily basis, driving more attention and adding to the exposure of these local businesses.

Maggiore expanded on the effect these creations have on the people on the outside of the window: “For the people who don’t necessarily work here… it’s fun to see them look up and kinda go, oh, what’s that?”

The businesses are starting to get good at this Post-It thing. Maggiore said the quality and detail of the creations this year far surpassed those of the inaugural Post-It War held in 2018.

The winning submission this year was created by Syracuse University’s marketing and communications department, as they constructed a depiction of Otto the Orange, Syracuse’s mascot, that filled an entire window frame.

The Post-It War will continue down the road, inspiring more businesses to participate, and more consumers to support those businesses.


Several businesses around Syracuse have battled for window art supremacy over the past week, and it ends today. N-C-C News’ Ethan Roy has more on the Post-It War.

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Thousands of Post-Its. Nine competing companies. One winner. The second annual Post-It War has made its rounds through downtown Syracuse, and it ends today.

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(CG: Alice Maggiore)

(” So, we started the Post-it note war to invite competition… friendly competition… among all sorts of downtown employees”)

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Alice Maggiore, the Communication Director for the Downtown Committee, is excited for what it can bring to the area and its impact on employee appreciation week.

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(” And the purpose of downtown employee appreciation week is to celebrate and give back to the people who work in downtown Syracuse… because they are the heartbeat of downtown Syracuse…”)

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Some contributors to that heart beat are the employees at In-Architects, who entered what they have named “Lily” into this year’s competition.

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(CG: Lauren and Kristin )

(” We work above Water Street Bagel so we were trying to think of something fun that could kind of incorporate that because… we eat a lot of bagels here…)

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Three hour-long lunch breaks later, Lily, and her new pad, were born.

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(CG: Lauren and Kristin)

(” We’re a brand new business, so we’re really just trying to be involved in the downtown committee…)

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Between IN Architects, the Courtyard Marriot Hotel, and the rest of the contestants, the impact this has on Downtown Syracuse is palpable.

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(CG: Alice Maggiore)

(” Say that people that don’t necessarily work here, but come to the museums on the weekends, or maybe bring the familiy down for a festival, it’s fun to see them look up and kinda go… oh what’s that? …)

The winners of the 2019 Post-It War will receive an official plaque featuring a Post-It pad with their design imprinted on it…the results are in… and the winner is… reporting for N-C-C News, I’m Ethan Roy.

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