Audio: NCC Newsbrief April 21, 2020 Audio: NCC Newsbrief April 21, 2020

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REPORTER: Here’s the latest national and international news from NCC News. I’m Owen Sienko. In his COVID-19 briefing this morning, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he is operating under two rules going forward.

CUOMO: First rule is do no harm. Second rule is start to plan the reopening.

REPORTER: Governor Cuomo says that second rule is uncharted territory.

CUOMO: Plan the reopening. Understand it, calculate it, calibrate it. Nobody’s ever done it before. How do you do it? When do you do it?

REPORTER: Governor Cuomo will head to the White House for a meeting this afternoon. That’s where President Trump announced his plan to suspend immigration. National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien voices his support of the President’s decision.

O’BRIEN: He didn’t want to put immigration restrictions in place. But we have to because of this terrible virus that’s been unleashed from foreign shores, and was not the responsibility of the United States.

REPORTER: South Korean officials this morning are disputing reports that North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is in serious condition following a heart procedure. South Korean spokesman Kang Min-seok says there is nothing unusual to report from the north. U.S. officials say Kim’s condition is unknown at this time. That’s the news at this hour. Owen Sienko, NCC News.

NCC News anchor Owen Sienko tells us what’s happening around the nation and the world in today’s NCC Newsbrief.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shares his two-point plan for COVID-19 recovery.  The United States National Security Advisor weighs in on President Trump’s decision to close off U.S. immigration.  Plus, an update on the reports of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un’s health.

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