Brewer Union Café Opens During Pandemic Brewer Union Café Opens During Pandemic

BREWERTON, N.Y. (NCC News)—Today is National Cinnamon Roll Day, and the Brewer Union Café makes the biggest homemade cinnamon rolls in town.

While some local businesses were shut down during the pandemic, this café was birthed through it. Brewer Union Café owner, Christian Felix, said it was a hard decision to make when deciding whether to open.

“But this area needed it,” he said. “So many restaurants closed down, that everybody needed a good place to go.”

He also said the restaurant holds childhood memories.

“This is all the foods I remember as a kid,” Felix said.

He said the recipe for the cinnamon rolls was his grandmother’s.

Felix said his hope for the café is to bring the community together and allow for unity, connection, and quality time all while eating good food.

“We had some ladies that were in here for six hours–hadn’t seen each other in over two and a half years and was like, ‘Oh no, we’ll get up and leave,’ and I was like no, please don’t,” Felix said.

He said people drive out of the north and from the city to meet at the café.

“We just want to offer Brewerton and the people in the area, a place to come relax,” he said.

Although business is not exactly booming at the Café right now, Felix said the cinnamon rolls are always a hot item on the menu.

Felix said he does not overwork his employees. He said he pays the staff well, and gives the customers what they want.

“You got to be able to support your employees and be really open-minded,” he said.

Staff member Merisa Cowen said she enjoys the cinnamon rolls just as much as her work environment.

“It’s just a warm, comfy feeling with a cup of coffee it’s just so good,” Cowen said.

Cinnamon rolls  are not safe to eat for those with food allergies, like gluten. The café does serve gluten-free meal options as well.

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