Central New York Animal Organizations Face Holiday Season Struggles CNY Animal Organizations

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Central New York animal organizations face new struggles as the holiday season comes. Some of the main issues are overpopulation due to a lack of spaying and neutering, gifted pets being returned to shelters and a lack of donations and adoptions due to price inflation. However, there is a new added issue this year. Director of HumaneCNY Maureen Davison said that many dogs in the Syracuse area are getting sick with parvo.

“Parvo is a virus that primarily strikes puppies that are unvaccinated,” said Davison. “It’s usually deadly unless they can get right to a hospital.”

Davison said that this increased sickness is due to a bad strain of parvo going around as well as many animals being unvaccinated for the virus. There are many abandoned animals getting the virus. Davison also said that more than just young puppies are being affected.

“It’s very expensive to treat and they’re usually in the hospital for seven days,” said Davison. “But right now in the city of Syracuse, there’s a lot of one and two-year-old dogs coming down with it as well.”

The best way to keep your dog safe from parvovirus is by making sure it is vaccinated. For animals that have no owner, this can be difficult as medical care for animals is up due to inflation. Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse Secretary Sarah Anson-Ordon said that the organization that she is a part of helps some of these abandoned and stray animals.

“We will financially support injured strays that are brought in through animal control to the veterinary medical center,” said Anson-Ordon. “If they have treatable injuries or illnesses, will help pay for their care and get them fostered out and into adoptable homes.”

Even though these issues are greater during the holiday season, they still do persist at all times of the year. Donations, volunteering and taking care of your animals are all ways that Central New York residents can help with these issues.

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