Cicero-North Syracuse Welcomes Back Students North Syracuse Welcomes Back Students

Cicero-North Syracuse will bring back students starting April 12.

TIM SKEVAL: The CNS School District will use the upcoming spring break to begin preparing for the return of K-12 students. 

School information officer Laurie Cook says new Center for Disease Control and Prevention social distancing guidelines will allow more students in the classroom.

LAURIE COOK: We will be able to have a greater number of students. The teachers and our facility staff has actually been working together to kind of come up with, classroom configurations, that are available, that will work for the student population.


The school will bring back grades K-4 five days a week, and will bring back grades 5-12 for four days a week.

 Despite this decision, Cook says it’s still up to families to decide how they want their child to attend class.

COOK: We told families, that thats what the plan was, they could say yes, I wanna do that with my child, or I’m gonna take part in remote learning.

SKEVAL: Students will still wear masks and get tested by the school. 

Tim Skeval, N-C-C News.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – The Cicero-North Syracuse School District will start cleaning its schools and begin classroom reconfigurations during next week’s spring break recess. The school administration is preparing to bring back students full time for in-person learning beginning on April 12.

CNS school information officer Laurie Cook said the new Center for Disease Control social distancing guidelines will now allow for more students and faculty to be in the same rooms. The rule now allows students to be three feet apart, instead of the original six feet.

“The teachers and our faculty/staff has actually been working together to kind of come up with classroom configurations that are available – that will work for the student population,” Cook said.

Cicero-North Syracuse's Administrative Office Building
Jerome F. Melvin Administrative Office Building located on the grounds of the Cicero-North Syracuse High School. The CNS School District is home to over 2,000 students. (c) 2021 Laurie Cook
© 2021 Laurie Cook. CNS School Information Officer

As for the plans for returning to school, the district will bring grades K-4 back April 12, for 5 days of in person learning. Grades 5-12 will attend in-person school starting April 19, but will only attend school four days a week, having Wednesday’s classes online.

Although the school has finalized the plans to allow students to return to school, Cook said families still have the option to decide how they want their children to attend class.

“We told families that that’s what the plan was,” Cook said. “They could say, ‘Yes, I want to do that with my child,’ or, ‘No, I’m going to take part in remote learning.” said Cook.

As for COVID-19 guidelines in the school, all remain the same. Students, players, faculty and all others working in the CNS district will be required to wear masks and will be tested regularly.

For more information, check out the North Syracuse School website at

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