Downtown Syracuse is Going Virtual to Keep Businesses Afloat Downtown Syracuse is Going Virtual to Keep Businesses Afloat

Alice Maggiore says a large part of the Downtown Committee’s attempt to keep up local businesses is the process of going virtual.
Alice Maggiore
Since this struck I know that at least four downtown restaraunts that hadn’t yet had an online ordering system in place, got that in place.
But online ordering isn’t the only way businesses have expanded virtually.
Alice Maggiore
…they’ve gotten really good at social media and pushing stuff out that way so people can still shop virtually.
And even new forms of online outreach are being created.
Alice Maggiore
Probably one of the biggest exciting kind of new trends that we’ve seen is that like law firms and some marketing companies are now transitioning to hosting webinars to get information out.
All of this hopes to keep Syracuse’s small businesses afloat.
Nick Merriam N-C-C News. (1:00)

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) –  Like many growing urban areas across the country, Downtown Syracuse finds itself in a tough spot during the Covid-19 epidemic. Namely, how does the area continue to support its own businesses. The answer: virtually.

The Downtown Committee has overseen a large growth in the use of internet based marketing. Small businesses are now looking into new ways of spreading information about their plans to continue to sell product during the epidemic. Many of these businesses are essential businesses. Their ability to sell food, repairs, and other essential products are especially important at a time of limited access for many people.

Businesses that didn’t already have them have begun to create online ordering systems. They are building social media presence. And some marketing and law firms are taking part in a new popular way of spreading information through webinars.

Alice Maggiore, the Downtown Committee Communications Director, said, “I know that at least four downtown restaurants that hadn’t yet had an online ordering system in place, got that in place.”

But, the businesses efforts aren’t the only way to spread virtual presence. “In the last six weeks what we’ve been doing is blasting out tons of information across all of our social media platforms knowing that right now people are looking for the most immediate information,” Maggiore said.

The committee is also publishing their usual weekly newsletters now twice a week to keep up with that theme of immediacy.

The state of New York continues to house the largest number of coronavirus cases in the United States at just over 250,000 cases. Though the number of cases added per day seems to be dropping as Governor Cuomo said Saturday that New York appears to be “Past the Plateau” of cases.

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