Food and Agriculture Innovation Comes to Central New York Food and Ag Innovation Comes to Central New York

(SYRACUSE, N.Y.) – Innovator Tekla Back thinks she has a food idea that can change Central New York for the better.

“We could build a real business and an ecosystem in the region,” says Back.

Back’s brand is called KEHO and is aimed at producing snacks that contain real, nutrient dense ingredients and fit the keto diet. She believes that her product is not only full of good ingredients, but that Central New York is a perfect place to grow her business.

“We are passionate about partnering with the local economy in order to create jobs and there is a long history of this area building up fantastic food companies,” claims Back.

Keho isn’t the only brand that thinks it can transform Central New York and many of those businesses have gathered at the Syracuse On Center to bring their innovations together. The Grow NY Food and Ag Summit has brought inventors and changemakers from around the United States and the world to change the face of Central New York with their innovations. They come from as close as their very own Central New York communities to as far away as Australia. The summit features everything from food products to farming equipment and livestock feed.

Program Director Jenn Smith says this summit has the potential to change the Central New York food system entirely.

“When you have innovative startups explaining their new technologies and panel conversations tackling the issues of where food and farming intersects with climate change, it’s really promising for helping our food system evolve, ” says Smith.

On November 16, Grow NY gave one million dollars to its first place winner, ProAgni, to help them bring their business from Australia to Central New York and launch their product in the area. This money could give one business the step they need to launch not only themselves to success, but also the area we call home.


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