Governor Cuomo Launches New Campaign Governor Cuomo's New Campaign

Efforts are being made to help increase tourism along Lake Ontario

Morgan Alexander: Adams Center cottage owner, Steve Randall says that this past weekend he has seen an increase in fishing along the water.

Steve Randall:We did see quite a few people this weekend walking to the beach with their kids with their fishing tackle and fishing poles and all that stuff

Morgan Alexander: High water levels this summer has led to extreme flooding and Randall says that Cuomo’s efforts are just the start to getting boating back to what it used to be.

Steve Randall: Things have to be done we do a lot of recreational boating on Lake Ontario and Saint Lawrence river and I don’t believe that here has been a lot of that this summer and something needed to be done whether this is enough or not I don’t know

Morgan Alexander:This campaign will remain in effect till Labor Day with hopes of enticing more people to get out on the water.
Morgan Alexander, N-C-C News.

By Morgan Alexander HENDERSON, NY (NCC News)-  Governor Andrew Cuomo recently launched a campaign with hopes to help increase tourism along Lake Ontario. This campaign will consist of half price camping fees and half price admission fees. Along with this he will eliminate the need for a fishing license.

Steve Randall, Adams Center cottage owner, says that many people including himself have refused to put their boat in the water due to high water levels.

“I think that Cuomo needed to do something in order entice people to come to the beaches and that type of thing,” said Randall.

Being that Randall is from the area and has seen the trend of boaters this entire summer he feels very optimistic that this new campaign will help spark interest in getting out on the water.

“I think in the upcoming weeks there will be a lot more boaters out with half prices at state parks and no fishing licenses I think that will entice people to come out and at least try the water,” said Randall.

This campaign has only been in effect for one weekend so far but Randall says he did notice a greater number of people walking down to the water with fishing poles in hand.

Lower camping rates and no required fishing license will be in effect till Labor Day with the hopes of increasing the amount of tourism along Lake Ontario.


Video of high water levels along Lake Ontario

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Video of Steve Randall’s cottage being flooded by high water levels.
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