Local Business Surviving Through Pandemic Local Business Surviving Through Pandemic

Cathy's Cookie Kitchen is a local business working during the pandemic.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a decline for local businesses. But one local store worked through the pandemic and is reopening its doors. Cathy’s Cookie Kitchen in Armory Square specializes in everything desserts and is now open again for customers to come into the store. When looking back at the start of the pandemic, shop owner, Cathy Pemberton says when Syracuse University closed, her business started to decline.

“Before New York PAUSE and all that type of stuff, SU shut down and when that happened I lost all my business from the parents sending their kids cookies on campus and so when SU shut down it was very chilling,” Pemberton said.

Cathy’s Cookie Kitchen has been open for seven years now but the start of this year Cathy says she saw the best sales of her career. However, once students started leaving those numbers started to drop. The entire time Cathy was still making cookies and delivering orders. But now customers are allowed back in the store on a limited schedule. Instead of a full work week the shop is open from Tuesday to Fridays.

Pemberton says sales are finally starting to go in the right direction.

“In probably the last few weeks or so sales are starting to pick back up,” Pemberton said.

The store makes various desserts but features their award winning cookies. Cathy’s Cookie Kitchen features a cookie of the month club where Syracuse students receive cookies monthly purchased by their parents. Pemberton says its a way for the parents to connect with their kids far away from home.

While working through a pandemic is difficult, Cathy’s Cookie Kitchen is going strong and reopens its doors to the public.

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