National Grid Customers and PEACE Inc. Come Together on Natural Gas Bills National Grid Customers and PEACE Inc. Come Together on Natural Gas Bills

PEACE Inc. is a non-profit that provides accessible resources and support.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)— We know winters in Central New York can be a hassle. One way we get through them is heat. This month, National Grid announced customers in Central New York will expect their natural gas bills to go up 31% this winter due to a high demand in gas. Now, the People’s Equal Action and Community Effort (PEACE Inc.) is gearing up to help Syracuse residents pay those bills this month.


Andrea Bernard, Family & Youth Service Manager at People’s Equal Action and Community Effort says the non-profit has several ways to help anyone in Syracuse tackle their high electricity and heating bill.

“We help residents with their application with Home Energy Assistance Program,” said Bernard. “However, we have a partnership with National Grid, it is to have more information on what people could do to save on their National Grid bill.”

According to National Grid, the average residential customer would pay $155 more for natural gas over the next five months from Nov. 1 through March 31 compared to last winter. The projection is based on a typical Upstate New York winter statistics where the average is 713 therms being used.

“Now, that it is slowly getting cold,” said Bernard. “We are slowly seeing people trickle in asking about help with heating assistance and bills.”


Alexandra Meyer, a Syracuse resident, said she has already seen her bill skyrocket from $204 to $253 within a one month billing period.


“It’s a lot, it’s budgeting,” said Meyer. “For something I did not know I was going to have to budget for.”

Meyer is not the only Syracuse resident that is upset with the sudden increase. Grey Vanderwater, who has been dealing to make ends meet said this isn’t the first time struggling to pay the heating bill.

“I live paycheck to paycheck, so any time a bill increases it definitely makes things difficult,” said Vanderwater. “We are in a middle of a pandemic where thousands are jobless, the last thing anybody wants is an increase in their bills.”


National Grid said electricity prices are expected to remain flat this winter. However, National Grid last week proposed a settlement with state regulators that would raise Upstate electric and gas rates to $189 over the next three years.

“I honestly thought it was an us problem, using too much heat,” said Meyer. “Now, I know it’s not.”

Bernard said anyone who already has assistance with HEAP, PEACE Inc also provides the Care and Share program, where people donate toward other’s heating bills.

“I’m not the type of person to apply for assistance unless it’s absolutely needed,” said Vanderwater. “Last month, I realized I had to apply to HEAP to make ends meet.”

Besides HEAP and PEACE Inc., Customers of National Grid can apply to National Grid’s Energy Affordability Program to receive credit toward a bill.

Besides applying to programs, National Grid said there are tips to decrease a bill:

  • Lower your water heater to 12o °F to save energy.
  • Unplug your chargers, TV, turn off your lights and other appliances when not at home.
  • Set your refrigerator to a temperature of 38°F.
  • Turn down your home thermostat to 50-60 degrees during the day.

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