NCC News Podcast – Top Stories from Wednesday, April 17 NCC News Podcast - Top Stories from Wednesday, April 17

What you need to know heading into Wednesday, April 17.

Dominic Chiappone: Good morning and welcome to your weekly NCC news podcast. I’m your host Dominic Capone. It’s April 17. Today’s weather is currently 57 degrees here in Syracuse with some partly cloudy conditions and a chance of rain. We’ve got our upcoming newscast later on today at 4 pm and 4:45 pm EST, and we’re going to break down some of your top stories you need to know how to answer today.

Gus Kirkpatrick: Top story of the day… Bruce Springsteen aka the boss is coming back to Syracuse’s campus tomorrow, Thursday night, for a concert that was originally scheduled for back in the fall, but had to be postponed due to health concerns. We’ll have everything you need to know including where to park, attendance projections, and more at the newscast later today.

Dom: Switching over to sports… It’s been a busy week both for Syracuse athletics as well as across New York state with some of those teams. We’re bringing in one of our anchors, Walker Lavancha, who’s here to discuss what some of those topics we’re going to be covering for our four and 4:45 newscasts.

Walker Lavancha: That’s right, Dom. Coming up at four o’clock, we’re going to have coverage of the New York Knicks making the second seed in the Eastern Conference and how exciting that is not only for New York City fans, but for fans up here in upstate New York. And at 4:45, we’re going to have coverage of those Syracuse teams. We’ve got Syracuse lacrosse who was at home this weekend against Virginia. We’ll be previewing that game for you. And after that, the football team will have their spring game in the Dome on Saturday as well. We’ll have all that coverage for you and more both at four and at 4:45.

Dom: Switching over to one of our more serious stories of the day, the Onondaga County community is still grappling over the recent death of two officers in a shooting. We bring in one of our associate producers, Michael Ostrowski, who is here to break down the some of the latest information you need to know about that shooting. Mike, what can you tell us?

Michael Ostrowski: Dom, thank you. We know the Syracuse City Police Department is raising funds to cover the funeral expenses of the two fallen officers. They are about halfway to that goal as we speak. Our reporter Anthony Bailey is looking further into the situation and he will have an update during our four and 4:45 newscasts.

Gus: Moving on to weather it is currently 58 degrees and cloudy. Caroline our weather reporter will have a lot more a full breakdown at both four and 445. So stay tuned for that.

Dom: Thank you for tuning into today’s edition of the NCC News podcast. We’ll of course have our full broadcast today on Wednesday, April 17, at four and at 4:45. But of course, you can also check out some of the latest stories on Syracuse University and around the city of Syracuse area over on the NCC News website. In the meantime, have a great rest of your day and be sure to turn into our newscast later.

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