Syracuse Community Leaders Constantly Giving Back Syracuse Community Leaders

Business and Life Partners Giving Back to the Community


Laura Serway and Cindy Seymour are the owners of Laci’s Tapas Bar, located in downtown Syracuse. Friday evening, the owners hosted a “Go Red” giveaway event in honor of National Wear Red Day to raise awareness about heart disease in women.

“We are women, so we care and must be aware, ” said Serway. “And most women don’t know that heart disease is the leading cause of death among women globally.”

The owners of Laci’s focus on giving back to the community through their passions. Recently,  the partners donated a full kitchen to the Q Center of Syracuse. The Q Center is a safe space for LGBTQ youth in the community.

“They didn’t have a kitchen, only snacks,” said Seymour. “Now, they can have full meals at least once a month and learn to cook for themselves. These are our youth and unfortunately, some of them are homeless and need meals.”

Seymour is a former Air Force veteran and feels strongly about protecting veterans.

“To me, and I’ve always said this, there are three words that should never be in a sentence,” said Seymour. “And that’s homeless, women, veterans.”

The partners created the Serenity for Women program partnering with the Syracuse Rescue Mission. They built and donated two tiny homes specifically for women veterans to dwell. Currently, two women live in the homes, former Navy and Army.

What’s next for Serway and Seymour?

Serway recently joined Women United, a branch connected to United Way devoted to mentoring and teaching leadership tools to women.

“Because how many women want to understand and learn more about leadership and that are afraid to ask,” said Serway. “So why not do that in the comfort of other women, who have the same desires as you do?”

Serway and Seymour believe that it is a privilege to give back to the community and they have so much to give.


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