Syracuse Mural Artist Seeking Art Resources Before Winter Hits Syracuse Mural Artist Seeking Art Resources Before Winter Hits

SYRACUSE , N.Y. (NCC News)–  As winter is almost near, a Syracuse mural artist is seeking art resources to finish a job.

Jacob Roberts, the long time seasoned muralist who has brought life and color into the Westcott neighborhood, says art is more than what you see.

“I feel like the arts, maybe you know the grumpy person that doesn’t want to see murals feels this way but you know,  it can be a catalyst for social change,” said Roberts.

Roberts is known for painting the famous mural on the side of retail store, Boom Babies in Syracuse.

Now almost 17 years after painting several murals in Syracuse, Roberts decided to create a mural project called “Enliven Eastwood” in Eastwood, a neighborhood in the eastern part of the city.

Roberts said he planned to paint murals in Eastwood, but painting plans fell apart because a mural property manager put a pause on the project.

“We thought we had a number agreed upon a go,” said Roberts. “We got one done and the story changed.”

Roberts said there is a pause on resources such as paint and mural designs.


Roberts decided to post on a local Facebook group called “Eastwood Community Conversation (Syracuse).”

In the post, Roberts explained the deal but asked Eastwood residents if they would donate towards a Go-Fund-Me kickstarter to get the murals started before the winter.

“It caught like wildfire,” said Roberts. “People started saying murals in the neighborhood was a good idea and that they wanted some.”

Julia Zimmer, an Eastwood Syracuse resident, said she would donate to Robert’s Go-Fund-Me if it means more murals in her neighborhood.

“It’s like planting flowers, or a window box, or landscaping,” said Zimmer. “It is the extra little oompf  that shows effort in the community. Plus, it more reason for my kid to be curious and ask me what a mural is.”

Zimmer said she has been an advocate for the arts for years and supports any local artist. She fell in love with art due to her being an architect.

“I think the more voices we got  in the community, I do think the more we get people to explore the city,” said Zimmer. “Art is giving back in a way.”

Both Roberts and Zimmer said murals are just more than negotiating deals and painting bricks.

“A lot of people don’t know that all murals in Syracuse has to go before the City of Syracuse Public Art Commission,” said Roberts. “You have to defend your art. If they don’t like it, they can reject the entire idea.”

According to the City of Syracuse Public Art Commission Plan, making public art in the community is a priority, however, they have to upkeep beautification of the city.

“Any donations of paint,” said Roberts. “If you’re an artist would you like to volunteer? Get involved? It can go a long way.”

Roberts is looking for a retainer fee to launch each project. Each mural has a budget that ranges from $3,000 to $10,000, depending on the scale and complexity of resources being used. You can find the Go-Fund-Me here.



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