Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, February 14 Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, February 14

Charlotte: Good afternoon welcome to N-C-C News Online I’m Charlotte Steinberg

Caroline:and I’m Caroline Plante

Caroline: It’s 21 degrees and cloudy in syracuse our weathercaster Caleb Nice will have more on today’s temperatures later

Charlotte: But for now sticking in Central New York 2 women were arrested Saturday for their ties to the felony lane gang. The women were arrested by Man LEE US Police at M and T Bank in Fayetteville after trying to cash in fake checks.

Caroline: Our reporter Gus Kirkpatrick is in the studio to tell us about a new grocery store, Gus?


Gus: “There have long been concerns regarding the food desert on the south side of Syracuse. Just recently on February 3rd, D-G supermarket opened on 2711 South Salina Street. Today I went to the supermarket and spoke with locals and about how it benefits the community and the area. For more about the story check out ncc news online”

Caroline: Ash Wednesday begins today marking the start of Lent. Services will be held at Christian churches throughout the city as well as in Syracuse University’s campus

Charlotte: Now we will hear our sports reporter Max Weisman on Syracuse’s historic win,


Max: “Thanks guys. Syracuse Men’s Basketball pulled off a shocking upset last night defeating number seven North Carolina eighty-six to seventy-nine. But while all eyes were on JJ Starling and Judah Mintz, Utica-Notre Dame sophomore Ella Trinkaus scored her one thousandth point in a fifty-six to thirty-five win over Oneida.

Charlotte: The Men’s Basketball team has not beaten a top-ten ranked opponent since 2019

Caroline: The Rosamond Gifford Zoo could become home to some new animals. They are really sticking their necks out to get some giraffes.

Charlotte: You know Caroline, I heard they had to wait for the new animal health center to be completed in 2022

Caroline: Yeah so actually that’s because they are wanting to have two female giraffes and one male giraffe at least a female and a male that’s what they are shooting for so they can set up some giraffe breeding up in Syracuse, New York.

Charlotte: Wow I can’t wait to see what well…Happy Valentine’s Day Caroline and Syracuse!

Caroline: Yes Happy Valentine’s Day Charlotte! You know in recent years today has looked a little bit different. In 2024, online dating has increased 33 percent between Feb 1st and 14th alone. But let’s see if love is in the air this week with these temperatures, our weathercaster Caleb nice is here to tell us the local weather, Caleb?


Caleb: “Thanks Caroline. Waking up in seeing some snow today on the ground here in Syracuse and it’s not going to get any better throughout today. While there is no snow it’s not going to be warm. We are seeing a high of twenty-seven today and a low of seventeen. Wind chill is really taking a toll too, thirteen mile per hour winds making it feel like ten degrees outside. As we get into tomorrow we will see a little bit of snow.

Well that’s all we the time we have here today. I’m Caroline Plante and I’m Charlotte Steinberg. Be sure to check out N-C-C News online for more information on all of these stories.


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