Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, Wed., June 5 Web Extra: NCC Podcast, Wed., June 5

Syracuse Meals on Wheels celebrates its 60 year anniversary. New York baseball fans are excited about the Syracuse Mets this season. President Trump threatens a tariff on Mexican goods.

Reporter: Welcome, I’m Brandon Williams for NCC News. 2019 is the Sixty year anniversary of Syracuse Meals on Wheels. The logistics coordinator Chris Sackett, says Meals on Wheels is still finding ways to evolve in its sixtieth year of business.

Chris Sackett:”We’re one of 10 Meals on Wheels in the country doing this program right now. Which utilizes this mobile meals app, so that not only are we able to communicate with our drivers better as far as deliveries are concerned. But the safety checks, the changing conditions.”

Reporter: In other local news, New York baseball fans are excited this season that the Syracuse Minor League baseball team is now associated with a New York team affiliate.

Mets Fan:
“Hour drive from our house. Come up here, nice, beautiful day.

Jason Smorol, Mets General Manager: There’s just so many Mets fans and there’s event Yankee fans are just happy that there is a New York team here to either root for against”

Reporter: Meanwhile talks off tariffs continue in the Nation’s Capitol. President Trump is calling for Mexico to improve its immigration enforcement, or he says he will impose a five percent tariff on all Mexican goods that could take affect as soon as Monday. Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi, believe this could harm the Mexico-US relationship.

Nancy Pelosi: This is dangerous territory, this is not a way to treat a friend. It’s not a way to deal with immigration. It’s not a way to deal…meet the needs humanitarian needs at the border.

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