Winter Camp Underway at the Everson Museum Winter Camp Underway at the Everson Museum

The Everson Winter Camp is a fun way for students to spend their break.

MAJ: The Winter Camp is underway at the Everson Museum! Children are making projects and crafts while learning about different cultures. Adam Carlin, the Director of Learning and Engagement, says there’s no better place for an art camp.

ADAM CARLIN: One of the-I think the biggest benefits of having an art camp at the Everson is that it’s a museum. We’ve got about six exhibitions that are up right now that the students get to experience during the day while they’re at camp.

MAJ: The centerpiece of one of those exhibits is the inspiration for the projects. The Everson’s Shari Merten says it brings together pieces of clay from one-hundred and eighty-eight different countries in a sign of unity.

SHARI MERTEN: We all come from different places but we all share one Earth.

MAJ: The camp runs until Friday the 24th. Richard Maj, NCC News.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — To celebrate the new millennium back in 2000, Neil Tetkowski set out to create an art piece that symbolizes unity around one shared world. He asked each of the 188 countries in the United Nations to send him samples of clay or sand. Tetkowski received packages of clay from around the globe, along with photos of the people gathering them. It took him a year and a half to create the piece. The sculpture debuted in the visitors’ lobby at the United Nations headquarters in New York City and is now the centerpiece of the Common Ground exhibition at the Everson Museum here in Syracuse. 

The exhibition is the focus of this year’s Everson Winter Arts Camp. Students will use the exhibit as inspiration for their own projects. The Everson staff is proud of the teachers that will be teaching this week. They say that both teachers have experience with children and have done research on the exhibit to help design classes and activities around it. They also said that teachers are allowed and encouraged to be creative with how they taught the students. One of the teachers designed a scavenger hunt in the exhibit for students to learn more about it. 

Adam Carlin, the Director of Learning and Engagement, touched on another exhibit that students were able to experience while at camp. The exhibit is called Hoop Dreams, and it is about basketball and contemporary art. 

“In the exhibit, it features a half-court basketball court, so even yesterday, the kids were running around the Hoop Dreams exhibition and shooting hoops and learning about basketball through contemporary art,” Carlin says. 

The Spring Camp at the Everson will be based around the Hoop Dreams exhibit and will run from April 3 to 7. 



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