FlynnStoned Cannabis Company Showcase on Marshall Street FlynnStoned Cannabis Shop is Showcasing on Marshall Street

GRAND-PIERRE: State cannabis management officials have shut down five shops last month selling illicit marijuana. Two of these have been near Syracuse University on Marshall Street. FlynnStoned Cannabis Company’s Sean claims this shop is not having the same fate as its neighbors.  

SEAN: We’re not going to be in danger of closing because we’re all licensed properly we went through the state we did the proper avenues. So we’re going to be good.

GRAND-PIERRE: Currently, FlynnStoned is hosting a grower’s showcase presenting flowers and products to potential customers.

SEAN: You know it’s kind of hard that we can’t really advertise right now so we’re trying to just like rely on like word of mouth, just talking to people.

GRAND-PIERRE: The shop’s showcase on 1-7-1 Marshall Street started at four-20 P-M on September twenty-ninth and will run to the end of this year. Nehilah Grand-Pierre, N-C-C News.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)  — State management cannabis officials have shut down five cannabis shops in Syracuse, two of which have been on Marshall Street, near Syracuse University.  In the continuous effort by New York State to crack down on unregistered venders, the shops were shut down for selling illicit, or unlicensed, marijuana. Even though their neighbors are gone, one Marshall Street cannabis shop assures they are here to stay.

Sean of FlynnStoned Cannabis Company said the shop is licensed properly through New York State and therefore will not be in the same fate as NY EXOTIC and Exscape, the two shops that used to occupy the street.

FlynnStoned is currently hosting grower’s showcases where potential customers can view flowers and products now through the end of the year.  Unable to advertise at the moment, Sean said they are counting on events like these to spread awareness through word of mouth.


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