Molina Healthcare Helps New and Expectant Mothers Molina Healthcare Helps New and Expectant Mothers

New and expectant mothers might not know where to look when it comes to care for their babies. In Syracuse, which has the 13th worst poverty rate in the nation, one healthcare company is looking to provide affordable healthcare to low-income individuals and families. As NCC’s Katie Lane reports, Molina Healthcare is helping new and expectant mothers who can’t afford the medical attention they need.

Molina healthcare is promoting the importance of prenatal and postpartum care. The company’s most recent venture was  a community baby shower. The shower took place at the Sky Armory banquet center. It showcased a variety of programs and resources available to new parents.

Kevin Samolis, the CFO of Sky Armory and a father of two, said the event was a bonding experience for many families.

 “The key parts were the interactions. People were making new friends, new connections talking to other parents sharing stories, sharing experiences,” he said.

Samolis said that the annual baby shower is crucial to the Syracuse area because many families can’t afford the basic necessities of childcare. 

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you educate moms and dads early in the process, they take better care of their children, their kids are healthier, they avert problems and they become a better parent,” Samolis said.

The event informed new mothers of the affordable services Molina healthcare offers and provided them with a free diaper bag filled with baby essentials.


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