NCC News Podcast – March 8th, 2023 NCC News Podcast - March 8th, 2023

Colin: [00:00:00] Welcome into the NCC News podcast alongside Timothy Dean. I’m Colin Bock. And Timothy, it’s a very special day today, it’s Women’s Day, and I’m gonna start by asking you, is there any woman in your life who is of particular importance to you?
Tim: You know, it is Women’s Day Colin, and you know, I have to go with the obvious answer here. It’s my mom.
Colin: Yeah, I mean, I would go with my mom as well. You know, thank you for, you know, putting off your career to help me as I was growing up. And, you know, seeing you reach new heights at your law firm has been really fun to see. Also, my sister is attending school at Bryn Mawr. You know, it’s a very stressful institution, so gotta give it a shout out to her., but there are a lot of other special women making waves in our field, and that’s in the all women’s N B A broadcast coming up.
Tim: That’s right. Tonight at seven 30, they’re gonna be having an all women’s N B A broadcast for the Mavs and Pelicans game. Are you gonna watch that, Colin?
Colin: Oh, of course. I mean, you know, I’m a ball knower. I love basketball. You know, and I think, you know, it’s really [00:01:00] cool that we get to see a team entirely filled with women pushing the sport forward because it’s really cool in basketball when you get to talk to people of all different backgrounds.
Tim: This month is International Women’s Month. It’s a great time to celebrate.
Colin: That’s right. It’ll be Beth Moens on the call and she’ll be joined on the call by Doris Burke on color commentary. She’s a basketball hall of fame commentator, and Cassie Hubbarth will run sidelines. Of course, Malika Andrews is gonna host N B A today with an all woman team.
Moving ahead. Now, we got a micron panel for STEM careers for girls and women. And Tim, this is a very good opportunity for women and girls to learn about a field that they are historically underrepresented in.
Tim: Yeah. So any woman or girl who’s interested in going, it takes place on March 16th from five 30 to seven.
And it’s at the Syracuse City School District Professional Development Center. It’s free. So anybody who’s interested in engineering or math and science jobs [00:02:00] should definitely check it out.
Colin: Definitely. And you know, a lot of fans are going to have an easier time checking out when they go to Syracuse Mets games because starting on April 4th and at all home games at m and t Bank Stadium, You’re gonna go cashless.
We’re gonna go cashless at these games. The plan is to eliminate cash payments and they’re gonna have a reverse atm. So if you only carry cash, you can actually turn that into credit. That’s really interesting. Reverse atm. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of that. I don’t think I’ve ever used one.
Tim: Yeah, I also heard that they’re putting in some new, new local food options, like recess, coffee they’re gonna have coffee, cold brew, even espresso Martin.
Colin: Yeah, I mean, certainly sounds like, you know, a good step forward. We actually put out a poll on our NCC news online. Twitter. You can still vote on the poll by the way. And as of 11:23 AM at the time of our recording fans currently are in favor of not. Of allow of, excuse me, of still being able to use cash. It’s 55 to [00:03:00] 45 with 45% of people supporting the new move.
Tim: How do you feel, Colin? What did you vote for?
I voted that cash should go because you know, it’s just a lot to keep track of.
Colin: You have to reach into your wallet to grab it and you know, sure, maybe some people have to reach into their wallet to grab their credit card, but if you have Apple Pay or whatever kind of online payment thing, I mean, it’s as easy. Holding your Apple watch up or your phone up. So, you know, I think it’s a no-brainer.
Tim: It’s so much easier. Right. And Oh, absolutely. You know what’s not gonna be easy? They’re trying to pass a bipartisan rail safety legislation through Congress. And on Monday, Senator majority, Senate Majority leader, Chuck Schumer was in Syracuse to talk about it.
Colin: Yeah. Chuck Schumer is, you know, he’s a New Yorker.
He’s somebody who has been all over the states, so, you know, I think it’s really cool that people in Armory Square got to see him speak on behalf of this cause, and this all comes. Part of a response to the East Palestine Trail train derailment in Ohio that caused so many people to lose access to [00:04:00] potable drinking water.
Tim: Yeah. We wouldn’t want any of that. You know, all those bad things that happened in East Palestine, we would not want to happen up here in, in Syracuse or anywhere in New York state. And you know, it makes sense that he came to Syracuse because there’s so many railroads and it’s such. .
Colin: Right. And, you know, it’s all, all of this is coming as part of a bipartisan railroad safety act for 2023, but Liverpool School is trying to pass legislature of its own.
Tim: Yeah. So they actually starting today are gonna be sending checks to the lawyers of a student and his father, who sued the school back in December of 2019 as a part of a bullying lawsuit, saying that the school basically didn’t do enough to stop the bullying. That, hi, this student experienced.
So it’s nearly a $90,000 settle. and they agreed to the settlement last night during their board meeting.
Colin: You know, it’s really cool to see schools taking steps to address something that is a problem for students. You know, no sh no student should go to school fearing for their [00:05:00] safety or fearing for, you know, any kind of harassment. So really good move.
Tim: I couldn’t agree with you more, Colin. And speaking of schools needing to do something, we got our Syracuse men’s basketball program tonight they’re gonna be taking on the eight seed wake forest and the ACC tournament. What do you think about that game?
Colin: You know, I think this is gonna be the word that our professor, professor Tooey mentioned was one and done, I guess it’s not one word, but you know, Syracuse has had a really rough season.
They’re in danger of going. back to back seasons missing the NCAA tournament for the first time since the oh 6 0 7 stretch. So, you know, Syracuse needs to win out to make the tournament and it is, let’s be honest, really unreasonable, especially considering they have to face number one Miami if they win this game. So, you know, and our, of course our sports anchor Porter Hold is here to tell us more about it.
Porter: Yeah, guys, SU taking on Wake Forest for the second time in just five days. Last time out, that was a win [00:06:00] for the orange. And this is a situation where Syracuse with a win would now advance to play the top seated team in the A acc.
That being the Miami Hurricanes obviously a tall task, but nobody’s gonna be upset here in Syracuse if the orange do draw that match up with the h. Always tough to beat a team twice in five days. Syracuse though, certainly has a chance, especially because that Wake Forest game, it was one of the better appearances we’ve seen from Syracuse over the last.
Month or so. I’ll talk more about that during sports today, as well as a little preview of some Patriot League action just down the road in Hamilton, Colgate taking on Lafayette for a chance at that auto bid in the Patriot League for Colgate. A win would make it their third straight trip to the NCAA tournament.
Something to look out for tonight at seven 30. I’ll have a few more stories for you as well in our sports block at four 40.
Tim: Thanks so much for joining us, Porter. And up next we’re gonna talk to our weather person, Nicole Lafira. She’s gonna tell us about some snow expected in the [00:07:00] weekend.
Cole: Well that might be the case if you like snow, don’t get your hopes up.
Friday and Saturday are looking a little too warm for snow with a high of 39 degrees, so you might get some rain in there. Sunday. If we get any precipitation, it will be snow, much colder day. So wear your. Get the full scoop for the Speaks weather on my 4 45 weather cast. Throwing it back to you guys.
Colin: Well, it’s sure gonna be cold, but fortunately for a lot of Syracuse students it’s gonna be spring break. Tim, what do you got on your itinerary?
Tim: Well, I wish I could say I was going somewhere cool, but I’m gonna be staying in Syracuse actually.
Colin: Oh, wow. That’s. You know, so you’ll have to brave the elements. I will not be here.
I’ll be out in Oregon, so it’ll be rainy rather than snowy. So you know, I guess less wintry fun. But that’s all the time we have here on the NCC News podcast. I’m Colin Bock.
Tim: And I’m Tim Dean. If you want more information on these stories, check out NCC News online.
Colin: Have a great day.

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